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30 days on LLV update..

So I been using LLV for the last 30 days. I have noticed a big difference:

I feel my hormones are a lot more calmer sometimes I can be quite erratic but noticed I have been a lot more calmer than normal

I have a lot more energy than I used to have, where I may of had a sleep in day or falling asleep at the TV this has been the conplete opposite.

Waking up I used to literally ache from head to toe as if my body been through a marathon this has eased drastically.

I normally rely on taking my oils like lavendar, vetiver and serenity different times throughout the month because sleeping been a huge issue for me and now I fall off to sleep with no issues whatsoever which is a first.

I have noticed I have more alertness and focus and can see things a lot more clearer than I did before.

So the verdict EVERYONE needs LLV in there life. I am going to carry on and keep using these fantastic supplements. What is fabulous is that if you take LLV for 30 days and you don’t notice a change you can get your money back so is a win / win situation

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