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A day in the life of Nikki living the doTERRA Wellness Lifestyle

A day in my life of Nikki and what I take every morning before I start work.

I have been in doterra now 16 months and an advocate for the doTERRA wellness lifestyle. I will confess have missed the odd days here and there I only now use one dose of LLV as I find one dose is a significant for me. (I blame my age lol) you may think how on earth can you afford this type of lifestyle. My thought pattern.

To use the LLV is equivalent to a large Coffee in high street each day.

12 tablets (LLV) number one reason why people join doTERRA there is no supplement out there of this quality (not that I’m aware of)

Offers 30 day money back guarantee.

Benefits of LLV only available on LRP(Loyalty Rewards Program get added discount off oils between up to 55% off all products)

These supplements support

Cellular Longevity / life Span

Cellular Energy / metabolism

Powerful DNA Protection

Network Antioxidant Defense

Immune System Support

Stress Management Support

Cardiovascular Health

Bone and Joint Health

Brain Cognitive Health

Digestive Health

2 Phytoestrogen supplements.

Equivalent to £60p a day

Beginning as a young adult, almost every function of a woman’s body is controlled by hormones. A balance of normal hormone levels will influence a woman’s good health and emotional well-being from her early teens to her transition through menopause. dōTERRA Women Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is a blend of standardised plant phytoestrogens that support hormone balance gently and naturally. It also includes concentrated flax seed lignans to promote healthy metabolism. Eating right, exercising, and balancing hormone levels can help reduce uncomfortable issues associated with PMS and the transition through menopause, and will provide additional support for healthy bones, heart, breast tissue, and other body structures and function as a woman ages.

2 doTERRA Women Bone Nutrient Essential Complex equivalent to 12p a day.

This is a blend of vitamins and minerals that are essential for bone health in women beginning in adolescence and continuing through menopause*. Bone Nutrient Essential Complex is formulated with bioavailable forms of natural nutrients that include vitamins C and D, plus calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals that support healthy bone density as a woman ages.

So just the above only to take a product that is helping me with my overall health and you dont have to take all these. I do because of the way it makes me feel and think its worth every penny costs averagely £3 a day

So by reducing to perhaps 1 less take away coffee, even perhaps 1 less lunch or dinner out. Cut down on alcohol bottle of wine which can be drank in a night cost more if you drink daily. Perhaps if you smoke cut down by 3 ciggies a day. Dependent how much you value your health people will always find a way.

2 deep blue supplements only 16p a tablet I use when extra support is needed so is not daily but this is fabulous it’s the deep blue which is the only reason why I joined doTERRA but the rub form but in tablet form. I only use if i have a bad day which i can now say i not needed in awhile.

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