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A little drop of something does us all a world of good!!!

In this day and age there is so much hate in the world and is really so sad to see.

You turn on the news and it’s doom and gloom ( I don’t even watch it anymore if I can help it)

People around always arguing, shouting and screaming at each other there is so much anger in people these days.

There is never a day that passes that you won’t hear of soneone who’s commited murders, war, rape, bullying, theft etc the list goes on…

Why is this necessary, why do people do what they do?. We can blame on the parents or how they were brought up, yes this can have an effect on ones life but I believe we have the power to change. Its down to the individual themselves who makes the decision whether to act upon it or not.

Since joining an amazing networking company I have noticed a massive difference in my life. Not only my health, my emotions, my behaviour. I feel a lot more laid back and calmer. I do get bad days don’t we all but I do have more good days than bad.

If everyone used essential oils in their lives I truly believe in my heart there would not be as much crime, hate, war the world would honestly be a better happier peaceful place.

Everybody needs a drop of cheer in their life it’s one oil that certainly could help change people emotions as it’s so uplifting and certainly could cheer them up if anything. Its not a miracle but using regularly people may noticeably see a difference. As they say a little drop of something does you a world of good.

Cheer Uplifting Blend. … Enlisting help from spice and citrus essential oils like Wild Orange and Cinnamon, the chemical makeup of Cheer uses monoterpenes and aldehydes to help promote uplifting and warming feelings.

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