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Aussie Flu & Shop Brought Oils

Majority of people base their experiences on shop brought oils I myself was included in this majority until I tried these oils and my views has changed 1000%,  quality is everything and using 100% Natural CTPG oils are by far the best. I’m not saying the other oils don’t work but you would need to use a lot of the oil for it to see a huge benefit. Again this is based on my own opinion. I was diagnosed with the Aussie flu 4 days ago was told 7-10 days before I could be better. Day 4 I have been using my oils  repeatedly and this morning for the first time in 4 days I have managed to get up and dressed, got my daughter up showered and ready for school. Now that might not sound much to most people but rewind 4 days ago I wanted the world to take me away from the pain I was in I literally was shivering like I had Parkinson’s and in extreme pain and discomfort,  the temperature being the worst as had terrible muscle spasm from where I was rigid and tense… Now this is my experience and I will be doing a video testimony to say what I did as I  feel with this outbreak of flu this is wiping people out for weeks. I now have turned corner and all I can say is THANK YOU that I have now found something that works.

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