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Back to School Part 1 – Train Ride To School



So school is fast approaching so going to do some common problems we have when the first day arrives after the fun Summer holidays comes to an end.

Some children will be feeling nervous, sick, excited so to make things exciting and perhaps show your children, these oils may help support that scary thought of going back to school a lot more fun….so doing Harry Potter style The Wizarding School Express has left the station! A boisterous blend of happiness, nerves, excitement, and worry course through every young magical scholar, especially the First Year students who, having been homeschooled in their formative years (as are most magical kids), have never been away from home for this long before.

Kids are laughing, trading small magical toys and gadgets, talking about Summer adventures, wondering about new teachers, and hoping for great things in the year to come. It’s an upbeat, positive atmosphere, except…

Except that many are already feeling the heavy ache of homesickness, the nervousness of a new environment, the fear of failure and rejection, the fretful worry of a friendless school year.

What kind of magic spell can break the enchantment of emotional troubles?

Only one such magic is known to the wizarding world: Essential Oils!

For worried wizards seeking peace on the way to Wizarding School, the REASSURING BLEND of Essential Oils is the perfect potion.

This blend combines Floral and Mint Oils that will help him calm down and feel confident and courageous about the school year ahead.

The REASSURING BLEND aka Peace – combines Vetiver, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Labdanum, and Spearmint. It has a sweet, rich, minty aroma that will promote feelings of…

  1. Peace

  2. Reassurance

  3. Contentment

…and will counteract negative emotions of…

  1. Anxious Feelings

  2. Fear

  3. Stress


  1. Diffuse in bedroom at night to promote a calming environment and restful sleep.

  2. When experiencing anxious feelings (say, when a giant has been spotted in the dungeons), apply one drop to hands, rub together, and inhale deeply.

  3. • Diffuse or inhale before taking the Wizarding School train ride, taking a test, presenting to a large group, or in times of worry or distress

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