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Benefits of drinking water especially in this hot weather

It’s vitally important to drink plenty of water every day. I know I’m a fine one to talk as I can be really bad myself. I’m purposely making a great effort especially in this heat.

The benefits of drinking water is

  1. It fights fatigues and increases energy.

  2. It’s helps with weight loss as most of the time we reach for a bag of crisps but our body may actually need water

  3. Flushes out toxins which reduces the risk of UTI and kidney stones

  4. It’s great for the skin best anti aging treatment about

  5. Maintain regularity as helps your body digest food.

  6. Great immune booster and less likely get flu and colds

  7. It’s a natural remedy to relieve a headache

  8. Will put you in a good mood as your body will function better

  9. Prevents cramps and sprains as your joints will become more lubricated and your muscles will become softer so joint discomfort will be less likely.

  10. Last but not least you save money as it’s alot cheaper drinking water than soft fizzy drinks

  11. If your not a lover of water try adding a favouring like lemon or fruit.

I myself have a drop of lemon oil in my water daily as it’s good for detoxification makes the water taste better. Why not add essential oils to your water. Just remember not all essential oils you can internally so always check the label and use a trusted quality therapeutic oil or try these. CLICK HERE

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