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Bergamot and the benefits of using it?

I absolutely love this oil it’s helps with a number of ailment like:

• releases emotional pain

• works as a powerful antidepressant

• relieves joint and muscle discomfort

• aids digestive system

• soothes skin irritations

• works as a sedative

• cleanses oily skin

• kills germs and bacteria

• relieves stress

• reduces cough

The number of uses is simply quite incredible

See below:

I used bergamot mainly for my depression been on fluoxetine aka Prozac for roughly 25 years for my depressions, Anxiety & stress levels mainly was all triggered when I fell pregnant and got PND (Postnatal Depression) being partially deaf along with Tinnitus stress is something I needed to avoid so the Dr. Put me on them and I had been on them on and off ever since. That is until I started using Essential oils and I’ve not been on them since. Words cannot explain what that actually means to me. I can’t pinpoint exactly if it’s just bergamot but I also use Lavender, Vetiver and many more than can also help.

Warning: this post is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure. If in doubt please seek medical advice!!

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