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Calming and uplifting properties in Essential Oils

Calming and uplifting properties in Essential Oils

While each essential oil has its own unique chemical makeup, every essential oil can be divided into one

of two categories based on its chemical constituents—uplifting or calming. This is what makes essential

oils so useful for managing negative emotions. When you lack motivation, enthusiasm, or inspiration, you can use essential oils with an uplifting chemical profile to help lift you out of a hole. When you feel frazzled, overwhelmed, or down, you can use calming oils to help

promote soothing, grounding, or renewed emotions.Calming oils

Essential oils that fall into the calming category typically contain monoterpene alcohols, sesquiterpenes, esters,

and oxides. Here are a few examples of calming oils that can be used to promote soothing, grounding, or

rejuvenating emotions:

Clary Sage





Juniper Berry


Roman Chamomile


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