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Can it get any better?

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Can it get any better!! RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME not only the RIGHT TEAM, RIGHT TIME

I JUST found out that due to our teams METEORIC GROWTH in our doTERRA business we are ONTRACK to go for the UK FOUNDERS CLUB.. only 15 spaces available! In any country and when they are filled they are filled …4 already gone!!!

Lots of work to do… but that simply means i’m helping others be successful in double quick time!!! A great leadership incentive to help expand into new countries….. WOW!!

As a founder you get a share of the countries turnover for life! Which is going up and up at a rather staggering rate!! Could be worth an EXTRA £30k per year just for starters!! Which will rise year on year!!

It just keeps getting better and better… not one to shy away from a challenge BRING IT ON!!

doTERRA in a league of their own…SIMPLES

Any ambitious people Message me.. you could be in for the ride of your life!!


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