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Can you handle The Truth do you dare to read on…

There is a lot of false health advice being given on social media I seen it myself and when it concerns Children it really concerns me. So often I read things like ” there’s just so little THC in that product… it won’t make you high”

Lets cut to the chase:

THC is THC no ifs, no buts its THC… they have psycho-active compounds that affects your brain and makes you high. Now just because it’s such a little amount we are told it won’t do any harm. There is so much reliable info out there and I seriously i want to urge people to do their homework and research it.

Another one I’m to blame on this as drank sugar free drinks all the time in the house and given to Lucy too so felt terrible to be honest allowing her to drink it as never really thought about it. My thoughts were If the shop sold it then surely it ok to give her Sugar FREE products. Well after some training I had I was truly horrified explained my fatigue, explained why I felt so rundown and it highlighted the fact when Lucy was complaining of tummy cramps now as a Parent felt truly awful I was poisoning my child. So I no longer have in the house as the number one ingredient “aspartam”? The damage this can do long term is frightening being a long time user the symptoms i was experiencing was aspartame poisoning been drinking this c**p all my life.

Again, please do your research. There is loads of info from reliable sources out there not from someone wanting to make money here and there for a quick quid.

Take a read of this

If you want to feed your brain with THC, or even worse… give drugs

( yes DRUGS) to your kids? Because effectively that is what is it is. I seriously URGE you to do your research

If you want to feed your body with artificial sweeteners like ” aspartane and wonder why you are feeling ill all the time? All I ask of you today is..

Please please… do your homework. YOU deserve it.. and you owe it to your children.

The truth about Copaiba the natural alternative. No THC, 100% free from toxins and chemical and 60% more effective than any CBD on the market out there. Wont harm you or your children

Read this

Great video by a UK Doctor. Really worth your time to watch. I use Copaiba everyday as part of my wellness routine. With doTERRA is all about PREVENTION NOT CURE.

Watch Video

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