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Caring is Sharing!

celebrating have a team of 10 mixture of wholesaler’s and advocates now this is not bragging in the slightest because all I do simply is share my oils with people not hard is it. These people I will go back to and ask if they had a good experience then depending on the outcome and situation they are in they buy or they may not.

No sales talk, no pushing, no begging!!!

This is the BUSINESS I want to be in!!

Sharing a oil with people who need to have a issue addressed with this comes sales or sometimes not at the end of the day we are all different.

Now I could remain as a wholesale customer and receive 25% off all my products no monthly outgoings and use with my family and can EARN FREE PRODUCTS (simply amazing) but I decided that I’m all about helping people because I care and want to educate people in the uses of using CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE oils for so many ailments and problems rather than TOXIC and horrendous over the counter medication which comes with tons of side effects. I was looking for a new career and this fell in my lap…. what a refreshment it is to be part of a ethical company where there is:

No Bullying

No Pressure to Team Build

No Pressure to Spend

No nastiness or bitchiness


The cultures of doTERRA is:

Kind and Caring

Not speaking ill of others

Putting people first

Relationship centred


Cause Driven

No personal agenda

I wonder why that is???

Because we all use the oils with our family and friends we are all making a difference to their lives and it’s an addiction to not want to share this education and gift with others that are uneducated in understanding the amazing products we have in front of us and this is what makes this business so different from other MLMs and networking companies I been in or heard of.

DoTERRA is a company I never seen anything like it before and I hope you can see that when I approach you. I give people 3 opportunities to chat or follow up then I will walk away and allow you to come to me… it’s easier to just to say NO as this does not phase me just means I’m closer to someone seeing the business and the products for what they truly are and that’s the gift of Nature shame it’s taken so long for society to be aware what a marvellous thing nature is…

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