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Copaiba Tips


Your bottle of COPAIBA Essential Oil comes with a treasure-trove of practical applications. Here are just a few and there are so many ways incl supporting Children too:

• Apply topically along jaw line to promote relaxation and relieve stress that can lead to teeth grinding.

• Dilute and apply topically along the jaw line of your teething baby.

• Women, if you experience monthly cramps, apply COPAIBA Essential Oil topically to abdomen to soothe the area of discomfort; or take internally to support uterine health and ease menstruation.

• Promote healthy cellular function by taking one to two drops in a veggie capsule.

• Take internally to support a healthy immune, nervous, and digestive function.

• Produce a healthy inflammatory response by taking internally.

• Relieve intense head tension by placing one drop on thumb and then pressing thumb to roof of mouth for 30 seconds.

• Add a drop to toothpaste to promote a healthy-looking mouth, teeth, and gums.

• Apply to toenails and feet to promote a healthy, fungus-free environment.

• Use topically or internally to promote a healthy blood pressure level.

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