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Since January life had taken a huge curveball then with this pandemic that affected everyone around the world this has seriously affected my sleep and stress levels sometimes only managing 3- 4 hrs sleep a night over the last 3.5 months.

Feeling desperate as I don’t operate well on under 8 hrs sleep with looking after vulnerable parents, home-schooling life has been a curveball in itself. Losing a family member to Covid-19, my parents going through battles with their health so this all has not helped with my emotional health and well-being, and most affected has been my sleep.

I was introduced last week to distance reiki and I know I have crystals which I purchased last year but never knew what to do with them so kept them in a box. So a friend who was doing my reiki treatment identified my crystal and told me to relax listening to the same music she was listening to so she was able to connect with me. Whilst she worked on me I held my smoky quartz crystal and practiced deep breathing inhaling the aroma of frankincense and lavender

Smoky quartz crystal benefits:

  • Very grounding crystal

  • It helps eliminate negativity

  • Can reduce the urge to smoke

  • Helps absorbs misfortune and sorrow

  • eliminates worry

I will confess I am very skeptical on all this but whilst having my Reiki treatment i did feel very relaxed less anxious and felt like my troubles had drifted away and using the crystal at the time helped me relax no end. This is all still extremely new to me so will post updates on my journey. Over the last week I have felt less anxious, sleeping has improved by rather than tossing and turning trying to get to sleep I have fell asleep within minutes but sadly i am awake at 3-4 am but we are making progress and too soon to judge until have had a few sessions

If you are looking to purchase crystals I have purchased mine here

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