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Digestive Enzyme Complex


If cells are the basic building blocks of life, ENZYMES are the catalysts that make things happen on a cellular level.

Growth, healing, breathing, thinking, immune function, and many of your body’s other functions depend on enzymes doing what they need to do in, with, and to your cells.

Enzymes are made right inside your body. They can also come from outside the body through the form of raw, unprocessed foods.

The body can only make so many enzymes, so if your diet does not contain foods that have digestive enzymes in them, it will have to dedicate resources toward making more enzymes to help break down and digest food.

That means there will be less energy and materials left over to create enzymes for other important cell functions, such as warding off free radicals and repairing tissue.

This is fine if your diet is mainly made up of fresh, raw foods that contribute digestive enzymes to our systems, but when we heat, sterilize, process, freeze, and preserve our foods, the enzymes in them are damaged or destroyed and do not contribute to those our body has to use in digestion.

In that case, we need to get digestive enzymes from another source or risk decreased enzyme production in other crucial areas.

The DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX helps us get the digestive enzymes we need but don’t consume from the typical diet. It contains ten different whole-food enzymes that help support healthy digestion and metabolism no matter what your diet looks like.

These food enzymes break down:

• Protein • Carbohydrates • Starches • Sugars • Fats and oils • Fiber • Sucrose, fructose, and glucose • Gluten

Since your body does not have to produce extra digestive enzymes, there are plenty of resources available to create enzymes for other types of cell activity.

DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX also includes Peppermint, Ginger, and Caraway Essential Oils to help calm and support the digestive system.

How many capsules you take depends on the quality of your meals. If your meal includes a lot of fresh, healthy, raw foods, you only need to take one capsule. If, on the other hand, it includes processed, fried foods, take two or three capsules.

CAUTIONS: Pregnant or nursing women and people with known medical conditions should consult a physician before using.

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