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Essential oils that may help for Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Essential oils for Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

Below you’ll find a variety of essential oils and oil mixtures that are particularly effective at supporting a calm heart and lowering blood pressure.

Feel free to use any of these oils alone or in a mixture in an essential oil diffuser. Particularly effective before bed.


Geranium improves circulation, detoxifies, lifts up sluggish digestion, balances emotions and promotes restful sleep. Geranium is an effective nervous system balancer which helps to calm an overactive mind. Geranium is particularly effective for stress & anxiety and is perfect to diffuse at bedtime.


Marjoram and is a warming and soothing oil that’s well known to lower high blood pressure via it’s blood vessel dilating qualities . It also has a calming effect on the emotions; limiting stress and soothing the mind. It’s effects on the body also include digestive support, brain support, hormonal support (especially for women) and muscular ache and cramp relief.


Jasmine oil is an uplifting, euphoric oil that calms nerves, boosts feelings of confidence and optimism. It’s emotional balancing qualities improve your breathing, lift depression and alleviate nervous anxiety. All of these emotional benefits bring calm and ease to a stressed out nervous system, which is often a leading culprit in cases of high blood pressure.


Most of us are familiar with the calming and balancing effects that rose can bring to our often stressed out brains. Rose has potent calming, cooling and anti-inflammatory qualities which help instill relaxation in all bodily systems. Basically all hormonal and emotional complaints are addressed by rose oil. It’s ability to increase circulation makes it a particularly well suited oil for high blood pressure.


Lavender oil is an all around healer with a wide variety of uses and therapeutic actions. You’ve likely enjoyed it for it’s calming, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. It’s one of the most desired oils for stress and tension. It;s analgesic actions make it perfect for headaches as well.


Lemon is great for indigestion, has a ton of practical in home uses and relieves anxiety while improving mental clarity and boosting energy levels.


Mandarin is a refreshing and soothing oil. It relieves muscle cramps and stiffness, improves liver function, stimulates digestion and calms the nervous system, which relaxes the mind and limits the effects of stress and anxiety.

Melissa (Lemon Bath)

Melissa has a calming and uplifting effect on the body. It contains potent antidepressant properties, and as a result, helps to lift the mood and restore emotional balance. Melissa helps promote healthy digestion by regulating the secretion of digestive juices and bile in the stomach. It also acts as a tonic for the heart, which lowers high blood pressure and protects against heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat and heart attack.

Neroli (Orange Blossom)

Neroli, like the others oils listed above, has calming qualities which lift depression and ease stress and tension. Neroli is also indicated for states of anger, where it helps to deeply calm the mind and dispel feelings of anger and irritability. You can place 2 drops on a tissue and inhale regularly or diffuse 4 drops in a room that needs to have negative feelings dispelled from it.


Vetiver promotes an overall sense of calm in both body and mind. It’s perfectly suited for feelings of irritability, anger and frustration. It balances the emotions following instances of shock, worry or grief. Like valerian, vetiver is good oil for inducing restful sleep.

Ylang Ylang

Avoid too much contact with the following (Hypertensive) oils

Calming in times of stress, ylang ylang promotes relaxtion, slows a rapid heartbeat and decreases high blood pressure – all while improving mood. It is one of the better oils for anxiety, as long as you like the smell.

While the oils listed above will help to calm your blood pressure, the ones listed directly below will do the opposite.

These oils are known to be hypertensive, which means they could actually raise your blood pressure.

• Rosemary

• Black pepper

• Thyme

• Peppermint

• Cinnamon

• Clove

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