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Essential oils in the bedroom ooooh la la

Being a massive fifty shades fan and Fifty Shades being released on Sky I thought I would touch on using essential oils in the bedroom.

Essential oils go far beyond their fragrance appeal and a part from using them as a perfume these can be used to set a romantic mood, boost confidence and so many other ways.

Personal care products like massage oils and lubricant so many on the high street contain toxic ingredients eg parabens, petrouleum-based ingredients, glycerine, propylene glycol, phenoyxethanol and chlorexidine. These types of ingredients can be found in high strength industrial cleaners and I for one does not want this in my body, do you?

My top essential oils in the bedroom are:

Black Pepper and Peppermint

So a strange combo I hear you say but this blend is extremely exhilarating whilst you have black pepper that gives off a little heat and peppermint will cool things off apply this to your thighs 2 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of black pepper with 6-8 drops of FCO this will definately heat things up in the bedroom.

Ylang Ylang

Having a sweet floral smell ylang ylang was used to spray of newly married couples bed sheets on their wedding night. Can use as Perfume to set the romantic mood you Can use this neat or diluted and apply to lower abdomen, thighs and on the vitaflex points to inspire some fun in the the bedroom.


Is an anti anxiety relieving calming oil and has been used in the bedroom and an aphrodisiacs

Clary sage

When your libido is low and believe you me Th is year has been an extremely testing year but this is very commom in hormonal shifts like the menopause clary sage is a balancer that may bring some relief.


is another great oil not only relieve menopausal symptoms but this also increases sexual desire and may reduce blood pressure in women.

A great diffuser recipe:

2 drops of Neroli

2 drops Jasmine (or rose)

2 drops of Ylang Ylang

Pop in your difusser and let the magic happen 😀

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