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Essential oils that support Type 1 Diabetes

A Natural First Aid Kit for Type 1 Diabetes.

You can use these essential oils for high blood sugar levels, and to help improve your immune system.

💧 Coriander Essential Oil 💧 Frankincense Essential Oil 💧 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Coriander 🌿 Also known as cilantro, coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) is an oil distilled from Russia. Coriander seeds have been used to help treat diabetes, indigestion, and joint pain. Coriander essential oil, which is extracted from the seeds, will harness similar medicinal properties. Studies have shown coriander extract to significantly increase the insulin release activity of beta cells in the pancreas. A fantastic pure and natural remedy for insulin resistance.

Frankincense 🌱 Our Frankincense (olibanum) oil is distilled from gum resins of Boswellia trees in Somalia.

One of the benefits of therapeutic grade frankincense oil, is its ability to stimulate the immune system. A boosted immune system can provide relief from the body’s insulin resistance, ultimately helping to relieve the weakened immune system symptom of type 1 diabetes.

By stimulating the immune system, frankincense oil may also help in balancing blood sugar, because high blood sugar often affects the immune system and vice versa.

Ylang Ylang 🌷 Our Ylang Ylang essential oil is extracted from the flower petal of the Cananga Odonata tree in Madagascar. The benefits of ylang ylang include being able to reduce systolic blood pressure and reduce heart rate.

This therapeutic grade essential oil has also been used as a treatment for patients prone to heart palpitations and hyperventilation. Because those with diabetes often have increased blood pressure, you can use ylang ylang essential oil to lower blood pressure levels.

How to use: 💦 Diffuse: Add 9-10 drops to a water based diffuser and enjoy the benefits 💧 Apply topically (3 drops mixed with a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil).

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