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Estrogens and balancing the hormones

Estrogens are found in the ovaries. This hormone is at its highest after every time a female has her menstrual period until menopause.

Estrogens help develop your body parts, such as breasts, heart, brain and hips. Estrogens help: Increase bone formation increase good cholesterol improves lung functions but once a female starts to get older they go through menopause and it lowers your estrogen hormone. Estrogens plays a big part in female’s mental health, these hormones are very important!

The following oils have been shown to exhibit therapeutic effects similar to that of phytoestrogens, meaning they balance estrogen levels:

Clary Sage: Stimulates the pituitary gland, which regulates ovulatory and sex hormone function. Clary sage is also a uterine tonic pairs well with geranium. Great for cramp relief & PMS support.

Fennel: Used to balance cycles. Also a wonderful digestive aid.

Basil: recommended for delayed menstruation or scanty periods.

Cypress: useful for circulation, can relieve stagnation associated with heavy bleeding or mid-cycle bleeding

Geranium: has an overall balancing effect on female hormones

I hope that helps anyone who been suffering with hormone imbalance.

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