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Gratitude is Key – I Can’t believe the changes I have experienced

I been talking to a few people of late and whenever I talk about gratitude, manifestation and law of attraction people look at me as if I’m mad.

I’m in a situation at present that I needed to treat differently as its been wearing me down and acceptance was one of the things i need to accept and having gratitude with what I have.

So I’ve been grateful about life, I’m living a life to what I actually want in my life and projecting this in my mind as if I have it already. It may not have happened yet to my satisfaction but things are starting to happen out the blue. Its crazy when you explain to people they do think I’m borderline crazy.

But this is real. Your thoughts are what you become, the more negative you are the more it will happen. The empty bank account you think about all the time will remain empty if that’s all you visualise, the health conditions will persistently be there unless you understand gratitude and accept them for what they are.

Stop and think about where you are, for all you know others could be going through something tenfold worse. Look at poor Alfie in the news I couldn’t begin to imagine what the families are going through. Or the homeless people in the streets even.

The first thing you need to do is forgive yourself and accept what’s happening. I know that may seem hard at first but it’s all about acceptance and moving on. I found this extremely hard at first but I was persistent and releasing that to universe lifted a huge weight off me.

Take little steps at a time and you will notice things changing, don’t expect miracles and it takes work but continue doing this and things will start to change around you xx

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