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How bad do you want it, this may shock you it did me

This picture hits home alot to me because i was on the poor mindset way of thinking but I smoked, i ate take-aways once a week, I indulged in alcohol occasionally (cough, cough) and that’s the minimum over a year just on that scenario I spend £3000 a year solely on those 3 things 😱😱😱😱

But, what could I actually spend £3000 on. On my health journey in the last 6 months it has cost me a grand total of £600 and have a massive 56 bottles of oils in my collection, I save on my household shopping because I use the shampoo, conditioner, the skin care i now started using and toothpaste, I make my own household detergents up (toxic free) using the oils. I actually have saved money by using these oils on my weekly shopping bill has reduced dramatically because I get them for FREE. It’s a win / win …. So the point I’m getting at is do you have a poor mindset or rich one😀😀😀😀 if you want to make that change for a healthier and wealthier future it’s there for the taking but, how bad do you want it????

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