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I’m just me – Think before you label as naughty

Please , please think twice before you label a child naughty or mean or any of those horrible words – they may have a daily struggle that you can’t see from looking at them . What they need is understanding and tolerance – teach your children, teach your family – the ignorance needs to stop


Take my hand and come with me,

I want to teach you about ADHD.

I need you to know, I want to explain,

I have a very different brain.

Sights, sounds, and thoughts collide.

What to do first? I can’t decide.

Please understand I’m not to blame,

I just can’t process things the same.

Take my hand and walk with me,

Let me show you about ADHD.

I try to behave, I want to be good,

But I sometimes forget to do as I should.

Walk with me and wear my shoes,

You’ll see its not the way I’d choose.

I do know what I’m supposed to do,

But my brain is slow getting the message through.

Take my hand and talk with me,

I want to tell you about ADHD.

I rarely think before I talk,

I often run when I should walk.

It’s hard to get my school work done,

My thoughts are outside having fun.

I never know just where to start,

I think with my feelings and see with my heart.

Take my hand and stand by me,

I need you to know about ADHD.

It’s hard to explain but want you to know,

I can’t help letting my feelings show.

Sometimes I’m angry, jealous, or sad.

I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and mad.

I can’t concentrate and I lose all my stuff.

I try really hard but it’s never enough.

Take my hand and learn with me,

We need to know more about ADHD.

I worry a lot about getting things wrong,

Everything I do takes twice as long.

Everyday is exhausting for me…

Looking through the fog of ADHD.

I’m often so misunderstood,

I would change in a heartbeat if I could.

Take my hand and listen to me,

I want to share a secret about ADHD.

I want you to know there is more to me.

I’m not defined by it, you see.

I’m sensitive, kind and lots of fun.

I’m blamed for things I haven’t done.

I’m the loyalist friend you’ll ever know,

I just need a chance to let it show.

Take my hand and look at me,

Just forget about the ADHD.

I have real feelings just like you.

The love in my heart is just as true.

I may have a brain that can never rest,

But please understand I’m trying my best.

I want you to know, I need you to see,

I’m more than the label, I am still me!!!!

~Author Unknown

If u know someone with A.D.H.D or know the struggle yourself. When people tell you it’s an excuse just read them this.

There are some amazing oils that may help with such issues

  1. Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata): sedates and calms the emotions.

  2. Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides): calms, focuses the mind.

  3. Frankincense (Boswellia frereana): supports the immune system.

  4. Patchouli (Pogostemom cablin): soothes the nervous system.

These are just few oils if you require some advice please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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