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If in doubt use Frankincense

Frankincense the king of oils and my favourite through and through it’s not only benefited myself but my family too. !! It’s amazing for everything from cuts, anti-ageing and skin issues. It is extremely helpful in regenerating cells, calming and relaxing and promoting higher levels of consciousness in mediation as it stimulates the limbic system of the brain. This part of the brain controls instincts and mood and can help with epilepsy. It is very good at bringing a hyper or excited child down into his or her body and grounding them again.

You can get it in a roller ball blend called InTune which is great to carry for trips to the supermarket or outings that might send your child off into a meltdown.

InTune is a special blend (Amyris, Frankincense, Lime, Patchouli, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang) prepared to enhance focus and support healthy thought processes, good for homework and concentration at school or the office. Don’t be put of with the price of frankincense as it is such an all round oil it will be an essential to your families needs.

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