• Nikki

Immune support

The immune system helps the body stay healthy. It consists of tissues, cells, and small organs that produce white blood cells. When we do not have a healthy immune system, you can not defend yourself from potential threats that are all around. I have been using Essential oils and their supplements regularly with this pandemic we currently all in this has support ted me no end as it may boost your immune system. doTERRA On Guard is an excellent line of defense. Used on a daily basis, it can help keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Daily routine of the immune support range i use is the On guard beadlets this gives me and my family added protection supporting me with the nasty bugs that fly around on a daily basis. Another product from the On Guard range is the toothpaste as it contains no fluoride and gives me added protection along with the On Guard handwash

We have other other products that give you the added immune support. After all having added support, this range gives me the peace of mind I need.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about this 100% natural healthy range of products.

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