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Karate Kid in the making!!

My daughter has been having issues with kids at school, so not only have I been using Lavender for her to keep her calm and focused she tried her first class today at karate and what a fantastic time she had.

Shinkukai Karate is a breakaway style from the great Kyokushin Schools founded and developed in Japan by Kancho Masutatsu Oyama (10th Dan). Former Kyokushin exponents Shihan Garry Pickford, and Shihan Neil Harrison co-founded Shinkukai Karate in 1980, we are one of the regions longest established martial arts schools. The word Shinkukai simply means truth (shinku) and togetherness (kai)

Starting her journey with Sensei Jon Holland (see picture below of Lucy and her Sensei)

I am sure this will be just what she needs to develop her confidence and awareness. Having the skills to defend herself is an asset I feel in this day and age.

I feel she may be needing some essential oils to keep her body supple and free from muscle pain!!

Anyone looking at joining a class this I would highly recommend check out their Facebook page here

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