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Love what I do

Alan Sugar has been my inspiration all my life!! He’s a definitely like marmite “you love him, or you hate him” I’m a loyal Sugar fan would of loved to of had a boss like him when I was in the 9-5 rat race.

This quote is me through and through and I’m like marmite too I feel. In the industry we work in not everyone likes us, every feels it’s a competition amongst companies it’s not. I pride myself that the only competition is me not everyone will support you but it’s your chance to show people what you are really like and grow, learn and educate!!!

I only get excited about things when I see things working, things changing I have changed in so many way in the last few months for the better beyond recognition, I know I have friends who want to watch me fail but I know you will have a very long wait!!! Lol

I stood up in a room in front of hundreds of people expressing my love for my business with my favourite oil “deep blue” if you haven’t already guessed at our world spring tour in Milton Keynes. Would I have done that 3 month, hell no, I would of been petrified no confidence, so what’s changed well it’s my passion for natural medicine it has helped me grow in so many way and I grabbed that mic and told the room how I felt. #makingbossmoves

All I am going to say is:

Enjoy what you do, life is far too short to be miserable doing what you don’t like!!

Have an amazing day!!

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