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My Weightloss Journey with Keto and Essential Oils

My biggest issues I struggled with is weight I have gone from size Uk size 10 – UK size 16 throughout my life. Since turning 40 my metabolism has slowed down and I do struggle to lose. I’m not a lover of cooking but I am learning along the way to enjoy it. I’m very reliant on processed foods, take-aways and easy meals. Now is the time to change. Noticed the keto way of eating awhile back never thought much done so many diets but was always hungry. The new way of eating is incredible and looking forward to sharing my journey with you. My goal was to lose 2.5stone by July 2019 which I have achieved 3 stone and now being in  September and its still off. There is a process and I have done all this naturally with the exception of using my essential oils to support me along the way.

PLEASE NOTE – If you are under a Doctor for medical conditions eg diabetes, hypoglycemia, kidney or liver issues etc. ALWAYS speak to a professional beforehand.. I am not a medical professional I learned all this from internet and research… I’m following a very LOW CARB way and in calorie deficit everyday as losing weight is hard for me when I eat carbs.. Please be sensible…

Any foods or equipment I recommend may contain affiliate link just means you get the same price on Amazon but I earn a percentage for recommending them.

So this was my before and after pictures. I do have all my posts on Facebook please feel free to join my support group for this here


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