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Seasonal allergies? with the pollen count being extremely high here in UK here are some valuable tip

Try Drinking herbal tea like chamonmile tea as this has been known to help seasonal allergies symptoms. Green tea is great as this builds your immune system which will block the production of histamine. If you are congested then try peppermint tea, or ginger tea with honey may help ease a congested chest.

Try a facial steam over a bowl of hot water with a towel draped over to cover the gaps use some eucalyptus which will help ease blocked sinuses and do this for about 5 mins.

Include more garlic in your diet as Garlic is a natural anti-histamine and may reduce your symptoms.

Shower when you get home to remove any pollen that has lingered during the day and wash face and hands regularly to remove the excess pollen.

Drink more water because if you get dehydrated this In itself will produce more histamine which will make your seasonal allergy symptoms stronger so try and drink minimum of 8 glasses a day.

I have been using a natural allergy supplement call Tri-ease which may help seasonal allergy symptoms. Definately helped my family. Alternatively can diffuse peppermint, lavendar and lemon which may help. If you use therapeutic oils that you CAN take internally always check the label but can put few drops of each in veggie capsule and swallow with water.

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