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Sometimes you just need that break….

Had sometime off why you not heard from me in a while. Schools are back and time to get some normality back in our lives.

Been spending some time with family it’s been a long progress and finally things are looking up.

Been using my amazing oils for support through the ups and downs still not sure what I’d be like if I never used them daily.

Had a lovely weekend with my Besties in a amazing place in Oxfordshire just switched off and relaxed along with my oils of course. The day you don’t see me with oils well there would be something wrong lol

A day in the life of Nikki My routines is as follows which has really benefited me.

Every morning I use our amazing copaiba oil 2 drop on roof of mouth, 2 drops of Frankincense.

I then take my LLV supplements I don’t split them up like they say I take all at once.

I have also take a bone nutrient supplement which helps strenthen my bones along with phytooestrogen to help balance my hormones. Due to the injury I sustained at work I take when I am at my worse deep blue supplements. I follow this with a glass of water with a drop of lemon..

I use balance daily to keep me grounded and focused which I apply on my feet along with onguard to ward off the bugs that Every one seems to be getting due to the weather conditions.

I am which has helped me massively take some smart and sassy oil on our natural gum to deter cravings between meal and this helps support my metabolism.

I try to use our oils in my food especially if spaghetti Bolognese literally a toothpick dipped in oregano, basil etc is all you need and In my smoothies.

When you get the afternoon slump I diffuse peppermint and wild orange to get the energy back up.

In the evening I diffuse lavendar to wind down before bed if a trying day may use serenity and the capsules for extra support.

I have noticed a big change in my body for the better.

Have a amazing Sunday

If you liked to learn more about our oils please feel to contact me via facebook

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