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Summer is well and truly here


lavender is a versatile oil in helping the body adapt to stress. Not only is this a calming oil, but it can also have a soothing effect on sunburns. Keep it around for when your stress levels are at peak in the persistent heat or when your exposed skin is a little too cooked. Dilute a few drops in a carrier oil, such as almond or jojoba, and apply to skin to soothe burns and minor wounds.


This biblical oil is a powerful de-stressor. It helps to balance moods, which is useful when you lose yourself in a big pool of sweat. As a relaxing agent, frankincense can promote restful sleep on particularly restless nights when diffused into the air. This oil can also help to soothe itchy skin, which is useful if you’ve been mauled by mosquitos or stumbled into some poison ivy.


Having trouble staying alert and focused? Peppermint is excellent for cooling the mind and body while encouraging clarity and focus. Put a few drops in a small spray bottle of water and give yourself a spritz or two anytime you are feeling a little low. It may help you get back on the right track, no matter how sweltering it is.

While essential oils won’t work miracles, they can make the heat a lot more easier to manage. Whether that is to promote sleep, soothe a burn, relax, or get to work, essential oils have you covered.

Be sure to use caution, however, as these oils are extremely potent. Always dilute essential oils unless instructed otherwise by a professional and also if you use some citrus oils keep out of they sun.

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