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Super Hero Blends

Well when us superhero Mums and Dads even the little ones are running out of power & energy these blends for us Super Hero’s will surely help us get back on track.

Typically as holiday season will be fast approaching us, we get the dreaded bites but doTERRA oils to the rescue for our Spider-Man superhero’s …..

Then we have our hulk blend we know how stressed his character gets and angry at times bit like us all at times

Then we have Batman blend for those dreaded nightmares that can happen. When we are a super hero it’s not surprising Batman gets nightmares. Why not try this for a nightmare free sleep it may just what our little super hero needs.

Iron Man blend to stop those bad memories that can happen, this blend really helps balance the emotions and keeps you calm when it strikes

We have the beautiful Mystique superhero blend

Whisper Blend for Women is a perfect balance of several CPTG essential oils. These oils unify to impart beauty, femininity, and allure. To enhance your natural feminine appeal so why not apply Whisper essential oil blend.

Tank Girl very hyperactive and needs to be kept focused as she is a little over excited at times also great blend for ADHD / ADD sufferers this is one not to be missed.

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