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The do’s and don’t when going away on that summer holiday

The thought of the warm hot sun on my skin feels me with joy when it’s so damn cold outside.

I’m off for a week in the sun in a week to recover from an injury I received at work, this weather is playing serious havoc with my recovery. But with the exception of my fabulous oils that’s kept me out of extreme pain and not losing my mind I’m in a good place.

However some may be going away this Easter so very important to remember the following.

Avoid too much sun exposure. A little sun is beneficial, around 20 minutes is enough to get the vitamin D you need. After this limit though, be sure to take precautions against the sun. Especially around 12-3pm when the sun is at its hottest. (Remember, UV rays shine through even on cloudy days.)

Drink plenty of water. It’s hot outside, so you need more water than usual to keep yourself hydrated. Doctors recommend you drink around eight cups a day and to add one to three more cups depending on your level of activity. You can always add a refreshing flavor to your water with a couple drops of Lemon of wild orange therapeutic grade oils If you don’t feel like drinking water, seek out water-rich foods such as watermelon or cantaloupe.

Keep up with a healthy diet. A diet rich in antioxidants, including foods such as leafy green vegetables, blueberries, cantaloupe, and other melons will help stimulate collagen growth—important to maintaining skin elasticity. Egg whites and salmon are also excellent sources of protein, which helps nourish skin and repair damage.

The doTERRA Daily Nutrient Pack™ delivers the right amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and omega-3 fatty acids to your body.

Don’t forget the lips.

Your most delicate skin is on your lips. To avoid sun damage, use a lip balm instead of high shine gloss. doTERRA Peppermintand Wild Orange Lip Balm with shea and mango butters can help restore moisture and elasticity to your lips.

Wear a hat. Go outside in style. Wearing a hat protects the most sensitive skin on your face, preventing early aging. Hats with wider brims are preferable as baseball caps leave your ears exposed.

Exfoliate regularly. To keep your skin smooth, use a loofah with the exfoliating Citrus Bliss Bath Bar a few times a week

Get into the habit of moisturizing.

Regular moisturizing shields your skin from potential dryness and sun distress. Keeping your skin moisturized also keeps your complexion hydrated and prevents your skin from looking dull. The Veráge Skin Care system helps keep your skin hydrated during the hot summer days, while helping you achieve a smooth, resilient, glowing complexion.

Simplify your makeup.

During the summer, less is definitely more. Stick to mascara, lip balm, concealer, and a bronzing blush to highlight the naturally beautiful qualities of your skin

More importantly have fun xxxx

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