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Treat your body like your car!!!

Morning all,

-4 currently here to say It’s cold is an understatement.

I had a accident at work last year and due to the underlying issues still there had decided to go privately as physio not cutting it, so had some McTimoney treatment yesterday and so glad I did, when I had the accident it shown me that I’m out of alignment around my shoulder and my neck area and my pelvic area but at least it put me out of my worry that this can be rectified. (Wished I did this last November biggest ever regret)

Yes it’s expensive but seriously can you put a price on this, either I can carry on like this managing the pain using my essential oils and ignore my body, the answer to that is no my health is far more important. Sometimes you need to stop and think before you say “wow that’s a lot of money” but look at it as your body is a car, if your car broke down would you fix it, course you would. Treat your body with the same respect. Your in this body a very long time don’t abuse or neglect the warning signs listen to them!

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