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We live in a toxic world, in broken bodies, with a messed-up medical system.

Can you relate to this?

Got a headache? Take a painkiller.

Got messed up hormones? Take more synthetic hormones.

Got eczema? Use a cream that will thin your skin, contains steroids, and hasn’t been proven safe for growing children.

Feeling low? Take a anti depressants and get used to the side effects

It is really time for people to change and start doing things differently and think about our health…

This is exactly what’s happening as this healthy living trend picks up speed – people are talking about food, farming, toxins, exercise, and alternative remedies and treatments.

For many people, the food and lifestyle changes come more easily, but using natural remedies yourself? Knowing the right essential oil for each situation?

It’s a nice idea, but a little daunting. Where do you even begin? I know exactly how you feel I felt the same.

The good news is anyone can learn to use natural alternatives like essential oils to promote honest-to-goodness health and wellness. Including you.

When you get the knowledge you need it’s a serious game changer and I honestly mean that… so when..

  1. When your child gets sick, you’ll know what to reach for.

  2. When you have a health issue, you’ll be able to learn more and find a natural solution.

  3. You’ll stop relying on doctors like we all do so much.

  4. You’ll spend less money.

  5. You’ll grow in confidence.

  6. You’ll feel better than you have in a long time.

It’s not that we want to forget about our national health service or give up on doctors altogether but it’s rather to stop letting them tell us what can and can’t be done. To stop believing that drugs are our only option. I’m thankful my Doctor has been really open to the natural alternatives ( believe you me over the counter medication is not your only alternative it’s not)

To stop feeling overwhelmed and underqualified and convinced we can’t trust ourselves because we’re not an “expert”

Although natural health is becoming more common (and even trendy), there’s still so much terrible information floating around… urban myths, folklore, woo-woo ideas, and plain old lack of scientific knowledge.

You will always hear people say “this natural stuff just doesn’t work” (maybe you’ve even thought it yourself), but usually it’s because they’re not using it correctly and not educated themselves to understand.

Joining doterra this is where it’s completely different, you get the help and support. We have so much information on all our oils with amazing resources that will make you look like a Pro. We have training, chat support, one to one training everything you need to know we have.

Why not connect with me today for chat here

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