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What a difference a year makes!!!

Wanted to show you a comparison of what a year can year make. Please bear in mind I dieted keto strictly and I mean strict for 4 months, I went into maintenance mode from July-January then January-April I lost my way with family issues, illnesses in the family, life was upside down and I didn’t care and put on 1/2 stone in 3 months. So now sitting at a great weight of 9st 7lbs and my next goal is 9 stone.

Well im speechless as don’t notice the change alot. So this picture on the left was the first day I saw my bum folllow me after in a room, being a squirt in height I knew i was in denial and had to make a change in my life..The picture on the right was me last month since the now lost extra 4lbs since. I’m not on keto strictly now because I do not have much more to lose. If I got to 9st I would be overjoyed but 8st 7lbs well that would be incredible so we shall see.

icture on left is high carbs and the right low carbs…

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