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What’s your plan & your why?

If it took 5 years to get to Diamond or higher would it be worth missing the odd episode of your favourite TV programme?

Would it be worth getting up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later? What would you be willing to sacrifice in the short term to earn this sort of money?

What would you do with an income of 20k (or higher) a month? I know what I would do. (See below)

Just to clarify – no one in this business is forcing anyone to achieve these levels but if this is something that you want then you need a plan.

  1. No time? Enroll someone who has lots of time.

  2. No credibility? Enroll someone who does or use one of our uplines.

  3. No money? Enroll enough people to fund your business.

So let me tell you about me:

My plan is set for 5 years I’m aiming for 4 years but happy with 5 years to hit Presidential diamond.

What have I put in place to achieve this? Well it’s a masterpiece in the making still but I am planning my time effectively and setting out a plan daily when and where I fit my time for my business. I’m a 100% believer in the rich mindset mentality. So rather saying how much it’s going to cost me, i say how much is it going to make me. This images below is so true and I’m working on them as we all have off days

So what’s your Why? Is it for more money, starting a family, to be healthier, buy that car you so want or house you seen. One thing you need to do is make your WHY so strong and believable you will make it happen and believe you will.

So what is My WHY – Mine is very strong firstly its to get out of debt through bad experiences, bad relationships unfortunately and making the the bad choices I made this has left me in debt so that is my biggest WHY, next it’s to buy our own home as private renting is so expensive and maybe to move away. Lastly for myself to be a lot more healthier, happier and slimmer and with my family also

I learned a few tips over the years so will do more posts on this at a later date 😀

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