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Who wants better health and Wealth?

If you had a room full of 100 people how many people you think would say better health.

Out of 100 I would say 100 would likely say this. That is why doterra has over a 68% retention rate.

That is why if I decided to stop building a team I guarantee I would still be buying these amazing oils because of their therapeutic value. My health has rapidly changed in the 5 months since I started using these amazing oils, not only me but friends and family too.

Food for thought…. I don’t claim to be mass recruiter, I don’t claim to be the best person at it. One thing I know is there is no I in team. We all help each other. I know I am in the RIGHT business because how it’s helped me and my family and to have a top value product makes the process so much easier. I know I can help YOU. I know I’m not firing on all cylinders at present but when I am you will know. Love my doterra family more importantly I love helping people which is my first passion to be the best they can be.

All I’m doing is finding 3 people and then teaching them to find 3. I work with the workers. I know in time I will be better, and will be faster at what I do.. But I’m contented at minute and every day is a learning day…

This is a diagram of my team. I only found 3 of these people. Then we teach and help them find 3. Some may just be customers but what I do know the decision is yours..

To be a part of my great team why not experience it yourself.

Join today..

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