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Why are essential oils so powerful?

Essential Oils are found in plant material taken from the root, stems, bark and leaves. They help to form the plant’s own immunity and defence against microbes, bacteria, fungus, insects, and disease, as well as being the fluid that regenerates and heals the plant.

Our bodies are made of similar building blocks as plants, so when we use the oils they go to work in our bodies in the same way they would for the plant.

Natural Medicine 50-70 times more powerful than herbs🌿🌱🍃

Why are Essential Oils so Effective? They have the ability to pass through the cell membrane, due to their lipophilic properties. They can therefore penetrate cells in our body to help fight viruses and to help our bodies heal. Prescription drugs and antibiotics cannot do this, which makes essential oils a great natural alternative without side effects

Essential oils can enter into our blood stream in just 30 seconds and can start to affect the cells in our body within 20 minutes!

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